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Our Settlement Services


Land Titles of Ruidoso LLC dba The Title Company provide convenient settlement services. Assisting both buyers and sellers separately through the simultaneous process of reports, inspections, loan commitments and funding, titles, deeds, and intangibles.

Seven steps that outline the process of closings:


1. Earnest money deposit: Beginning with your earnest money, these good-faith funds get recorded through the escrow officer and the amount will be dependent on the real estate contract terms.


2. Title research: Our title department extensively searches the title connected to the property. This thorough search is conducted and reviewed for inaccuracies and/or issues which would prevent providing clear title to transfer ownership.


3.Title documentation: All transactions involve two or more multiple parties to successfully achieve a property transfer to a new owner. These individuals will need to review the accompanying documents associated with the property.


4. Payoff documentation: Your escrow officer will order and tally the payoff balances against the property to make sure that clear title is transferred to the Buyer. They will also provide a breakdown of prorated services for that property based on the contract and closing date of the transaction so that the various utilities, association dues, and other outstanding fees are discovered and included.


5. Setting the closing date: The escrow officer will set-up appointments for all parties to sign and "close" the transaction. They will also provide you a closing document statement indicating the proceeds of the sale, or how much is needed to close the transaction.


6. Document review:  After all the documents have been executed, the escrow officer will verify that all terms of the contract have been met. Any lender funding documentation will be completed during the review for distribution.


7. Transaction recording: Once all funds have been received by the title company, the escrow officer will send the appropriate documents to the County Recorder to officially transfer the ownership. Once the recording is confirmed, the disbursement of funds go out to all parties according to the contract (mortgage payoffs, lien payoffs, commissions, reimbursements, etc.)


We are your professional

land title and escrow agency

in Southern New Mexico


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